Dimona nuclear reactor,the next Chernobyl

Very long time ago before the noise of the Iranian nuclear program and its ambitions to get nuclear weapons, before the nuclear program of Saddam Hussein which was killed in its cradle by Israel, way before the atomic bomb of the defunct apartheid regime of South Africa – with Israeli prints, also before the nuclear reactor of Qaddafi which was dismantled by him and handed over to the West, and before the the nuclear arms race between India and Pakistan, and the crazy nuclear dances of the Kims of North Korea, Israel had become a nuclear power that threatens the peace and security in the Middle East.
In late 1950s, France decided not to give the Israelis the fish, it rather decided to give them the rod. Israel obtained a nuclear reactor along with the secrets of the atom, consequently it turned to be an unconventional power that nobody dares to disparage at all. The construction of Dimona reactor, located in the north-east of the Naqab (Negev) desert at almost 38 Km from the Dead Seam started in 1958, in the same year in which the United States began to provide all kinds of assistance to Israel to construct the Soreq Nuclear Research Center (Nahal Soreq reactor), on the lands of the forcibly expelled people of the Palestinian village of Yebna, in the frame of the “Atom for peace program”.
Israel has not signed the Treaty of Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. In spite of being a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) since 1957, Israel did not allow any inspection to take place in Dimona reactor, meanwhile it allows inspections in Nahal Soreq reactor. Israel even denied the existence of Dimona reactor for long time until 1986 when Mordachai Vanunu the technical who had worked there published 50 pictures taken from inside the reactor -Vanunu has been imprisoned and is still being persecuted until today. According to the nuclear physicist Charles Frank Barnaby who analysed the pictures of Vanunu, Israel had in 1986 enough Plutonium to make 150 nuclear bomb. Nowadays it is estimated that Israel has about 400 nuclear warheads.
On 26 of April 2016, while people commemorate the victims of Chernobyl disaster, experts who worked or work in Dimona reactor said that the core of the mentioned reactor has 1537 defects. The professor Ozi Even, co-founder of Dimona reactor told Radio of Israel that the reactor is obsolete, it is operative since 1963, he warned of radioactive release from Dimona reactor. According to Prof. Even, the 53 years old reactor might be the oldest operative reactor in the world, he added that the majority of the reactors which had been built at that time have been closed and this should happen with Dimona reactor. Prof. Even said that the state of the Dimona reactor core is like a perforated boiler. Therefore it has to be changed, reparation is useless.
Prof. Ozi Even thinks that the reason why the Israeli government is keeping Dimona reactor working is that it doesn’t follow the safety standards of the IAEA which require regular inspections. He said that the safety measures in Dimona are not perfect. On the other hand, the USA has stopped providing Nahal Soreq reactor with nuclear fuel which will lead to its closure according to Prof. Even.
On the 21st of June 1990, a radioactive leak from the core of Nahal Soreq, which follows the IAEA standards of safety and inspections, took place. One worker died. Meanwhile, Dimona reactor which doesn’t follow any international standards is without any inspection and nobody knows what kind of disaster it will produce – apart of the fillings of nuclear bombs and warheads- for humanity and environment.
Israel doesn’t want to allow anyone to visit the obsolete Dimona reactor, not even to inspect its safety measures in a blatant challenge of the whole world and a complete disdain of the lives of the civilians of the region including its own civilians who live near the reactor – may be because they are from oriental origins and are not Ashkenazi Jews.
Israel has the nuclear technology and the means to send its nuclear warheads to hit any place in the world. The Israeli Jericho-3 missile has a range of 6000 km approximately, so Israel can hit any place between China and Portugal, between Russia and South Africa. If Israel puts its nuclear warheads in the Dolphin submarines there will be no safe place in the world knowing that Israel didn’t sign the Treaty of Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and that it is being more fascist every day. Israel proves definitely that its Zionist regime is one of the ugliest dangers for mankind and nature in this place of the world.



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